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Sunday, 19 May 2024 05:56

GPBNet Liberia Report ?

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Amb Liberia D. Emmanuel Meezoe Report https://www.facebook.com/100077922497919/videos/1176365320464899/?mibextid=bgAApDAIfEsnpeLk

 Global Peace Building Network Public awareness on my District location Radio station

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Sunday, 09 May 2021 07:45

Global peace

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Weam Salih Mohammed Taha
Global peace
World peace has been the subject of debate among different countries, races and politicians, for each
of its own definitions of the word. Although many speakers have found the support of a good number
of people, few have been able to urge some of them to move towards change and apply the idea of
spreading peace, not to make them live in the illusion of Utopia, I believe in the power of words, but
only when they have the right impact on the listeners.
Through the pages of history, global peace chronicles show that several figures have taken their
place, many based their syllogism on destruction; far away from what they called peace, they started
wars where fertile lands were transformed into a source 0f hatred and at that time it was the dawn of
poisonous ideas, where a large part lost their humanity and the negative competition blossomed
inside them, but few have been able to leave their prints in the sand of time, reorient people to their
righteous, peaceful mind simply through the power of what comes out of their mouth, including
Abraham Linkoln, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King and few others. What I would like to
conclude is that the dream of achieving world peace is not an external effort or complex actions, but
a conviction that the least personal attempts and being human are enough to make us suppliers of
peace. A person can be an every-day peace builder by smiling to people around and accepting the
diversity of other’s character, little things matter to the full picture just like the butterfly theory.
In my opinion, as a teacher’s point of view, taking advantage of the opportunity to speak to an
audience, even if your students is a ticket to sowing the seeds of peace inside them, only if you can
hit the right beat on their eardrum, not just by making them listen to words neither meaningful nor
Achieving peace is not a dream outside our possibility, it is a reality that is easy to achieve if we follow
our nature by being a human being and stop all internal instability that leads to the imposition of the
policy of hatred and spreading differences, as human beings we are not our religion, our color or our
race but we are one kind made of love and supported by our differences, we are destined to live in


Sunday, 09 May 2021 07:33

War is costlier than peace!

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War is costlier than peace - Saifullah Channa (Pakistan)
Essay: War is costlier than peace!
Contact Information
Author: Saifullah Channa
Executive Director, DIYA Pakistan
Alumina of Wonmo Global Leader
Sun Moon University, South Korea
WhatsApp: +92 (331) 3093003
Email: 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다.
Peace is a setting where everything is under control or more systematically under law and
order - In a very non-aggressive and non-violets way when different communities and
different countries co-exist to form a societal friendship.
In an equation where the end result is peace tolerance and harmony are to be added
multiplied with coexistence, divided conflict, and hostility and violence are to be subtracted.
The process of peace demands much more than the desire for peace only. Baby steps for a
peace settlement are mandatory and are to be commended.
As to talk about building lasting peace in war-torn societies is a daunting challenge for global
peace and security. Peacebuilding requires sustained international support for national
efforts across the broadest range of activities. For instance, peacebuilders monitor ceasefires,
demobilize and reintegrate combatants, assist the return of refugees and displaced persons,
help to organize and monitor elections of a new government, support justice and security
sector reforms, enhance human rights protections, and foster reconciliation after past
The United Nations better known as the UN is the authority to maintain peace internationally.
To genuinely acquire peace globally shared sacrifices, surrender (where necessary),
compliance with International law, and voluntary cooperation is a must. Planet earth has
witnessed many destructions in the form of wars and nobody in their right mind would deny
this fact that “There is no Winner in a War”. Opposite of war is bloodshed and this wreaked
havoc: Extreme violation of human rights.
Exclusion and lack of opportunities is yet another cause that blocks the passage of peace for
example if we talk about Pakistan. Pakistan carries the brunt of the youth population and as
a fact, it has been excluded and made vulnerable due to a lack of direction and opportunities
for positive engagement. Subsequently, young people are wedged into militancy and conflict
that triggers violence. Pakistan has one of the largest youth populations in the world; 50% of
the country’s population is below the age of 24. Different forces in society are competing for
young people’s attention and allegiance, not the least among them being extremist groups
who are eager to radicalize young people and recruit them to participate in acts of violence.
Extremism in Pakistan is alarming and intimidating the very viability of the state and continues
to destroy the social cohesion and traditions of communities across the country. Based on our
interactivity with these youth, we know that there is a very thin line between the decision to
join a peaceful, positive path to change and that of violent extremism.
Youth require opportunities to participate in local development activities and decisionmaking.

They need to be included in productive roles, which enable them to constructively
communicate with the systems. Young people need to experience a sense of belonging
through organizations and parties owned and led by them. Their positivity, energy, and
genuine desire to transform society give an opportunity and hope. The role of the media is
another important factor that has greatly influenced the mindset and opinion of young
people. The information that reaches youth through a variety of media sources is raw and
discriminatory and therefore often counter-productive. In the India-Pakistan subcontinent
where nearly a billion and a half people’s lives are blighted by poverty but a major chunk of
resources goes into propping up the militaries. These are the areas to work on instead of
preparing for war and spending on weapons, nobody in their right mind would oppose that
we should invest in the futures of the nations.
Objectively speaking, by doing the following we can contain peace:
 If we shun terrorism, extremism, hate speech, and intolerance
 Embraces free speech and media freedoms
 Constitutional rule
 Trade b/w countries
 Cultural Exchange Programs
 Deft diplomacy
 Through Inclusion
 By Protecting Political Space and Respecting International Law
 Real equality among all genders
 Fix intergenerational relations
 By controlling trafficking and smuggling of weapons and humans
 Connecting with people
 Commitment towards non-violent actions
 Attending/organizing peace rallies, talks, and dialogues
Finally, when we know ourselves and accept others, this is how we live in peace as a thriving
and progressive nation.


Tuesday, 27 April 2021 13:06

What is Peace

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By Wang Sang Mangeli Roisage

 Peace emerges when you succeed to control the body by following the desires spirit.

When the mother and father, the husband and wife, parents and children and the whole extended family are united for all eternity, the basis of peace is strengthened.

To establish world peace, this base must extend beyond individuals, clans, peoples and races, to the ends of the earth.

For achieve this goal, a revolution that recreation of the human being is necessary.

Peace is achieved when subject and object partners are united.

From this point of view, to discover a world of peace and unity, the first thing to do is to reach inner unity.

Want to be part of a united world without inner unity is a contradiction.

The question is not the Second World War or great powers today.

It is how to end the internal war that can last for eternity and reach the peace in itself.

                                                           Done in Kinshasa on, 04/28/2021


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