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What is Peace

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By Wang Sang Mangeli Roisage

 Peace emerges when you succeed to control the body by following the desires spirit.

When the mother and father, the husband and wife, parents and children and the whole extended family are united for all eternity, the basis of peace is strengthened.

To establish world peace, this base must extend beyond individuals, clans, peoples and races, to the ends of the earth.

For achieve this goal, a revolution that recreation of the human being is necessary.

Peace is achieved when subject and object partners are united.

From this point of view, to discover a world of peace and unity, the first thing to do is to reach inner unity.

Want to be part of a united world without inner unity is a contradiction.

The question is not the Second World War or great powers today.

It is how to end the internal war that can last for eternity and reach the peace in itself.

                                                           Done in Kinshasa on, 04/28/2021


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