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USA, Washington DC on TV #LatestHotNewsHeadlines :) Join now Writer Nicolae Cirpala is asking every person on earth to take 1 minute every Saturday till 2020 at 21.00 your time zone and #PrayWithNick for #GlobalPeaceby2020 , everyone according to his or her own tradition.

We all know the power of prayer; let's storm heaven and earth with #MessageToBillions - #TrueParents #HappyMarriageBlessedByGod !!!
WHEN this Saturday - your time zone
WHAT #GlobalPeaceBuilding 1 minute prayer

Please Like and Share #TheWorldOf2020 #ivacademy #TrueLoveAcademy

Have a blessed day
& post it to your wall ;)

Feel Free to Post your prayers in your language with tag #GlobalPeaceby2020 in social networks: Pray Like Share Subscribe and post your prayer requests daily to : -official prayers community

Additionally you'll love to Join #GlobalPeaceBuilding community initiative and #RewriteOwnFate since AT THIS VERY MOMENT People in homes, tents, shops, churches, schools, universities, campuses, parliaments, festivals and online, crowds are praying all over the world #HappyPerfectSoul and are encountering #GodGlobalTrend and messiah #TrueParents in prayers and catching their passion for Peace, Unity, Healing, #TrueLove and #MarriageBlessing !!! I invite you, your family and friends to join #PrayWithNick daily at 21.00 (your local time) online #GlobalPrayerChain - visionary, meditation and devotions meetings where any human being could join and pray daily. Together we will change the world and #BuildKingdomOfHeaven much faster even by 2020 by praying, witnessing about God our #HeavenlyParent Messiah and share His marriage Blessing to all humankind.
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Many prayer wishes where miraculously fulfilled globally and thousands of couples Get Marriage Blessing!

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